Aaaah, at last. Hebron and the wonderful Midlands. Driving through the midlands, and in particular this area, The Dargle, I never seem to loose sight of how blessed and lucky I am, to be so fortunate to be able to not only work here but also live here. Those morning sunrises or the late afternoon thundershowers, the bitter cold snow capped winters and the beautiful summers. Boy, am I lucky.

One drives in any direction and you are met with awesome scenery, flowing rivers, thick forests, fresh air, farming smells, abundant bird life, all the colours imaginable and then here, … Hebron.
I have always been struck by the beauty and charm this olde lady oozes with. Over 125 years old, she still grows bigger and better each day. I stand in awe, fascinated and moved by the beauty, charm and power of this unique place and the well-known feeling of warmth and safety. I am welcome – I am home.

Hi, my name is Rudolf Pöllabauer – owner of Hebron Haven Hotel. I and my GM, Robert Pöllabauer wish to thank each and every friend and guest visiting this beautiful Grande Dame and to experience the same feeling of warmth, peace and welcome I feel each and every time I come home. Here, you can sit back, relax, take time out and enjoy all that this wonderful place has to offer. From visual and interactive animal farm to swimming pools, tennis, bird life, warm comfy bedrooms – all en-suite with tea/coffee facilities, vibrant homely pub and the BEST FOOD in THE REGION, it’s a must.

Please come through and meet us all. Do not hesitate to let me or my management know if there is anything we can do to make your stay an even more memorable stay.

Once again, thank you for choosing Hebron Haven Hotel as your holiday, conference or weekend destination. It is a great pleasure and honour to have you staying with us.
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